Twitter Duplicate Record Blocker (free utility)

Salesforce Real-time Deduplication of Leads, Contacts, Accounts.

I can't live without this wonderful tool for blocking duplicate leads, contacts, accounts before they are entered in Salesforce. DupeCatcher blocks duplicate Salesforce leads, contacts, accounts in real-time.

"DupeCatcher is essential to any Salesforce administrator. Not to mention, DupeCatcher is FREE..." - The Salesforce General

I highly recommend that you guys give this tool a try. I've been using it for two years now. Not only is it free but it is a fully supported app. The guys who built it have also have some other essential Salesforce  tools that I recommend you take a look at.  Here are some the DupeCatcher highlights:

  • Setup custom scenarios/rules to block incoming data that is manually entered
  • Blocks duplicate leads, contacts and accounts that are duplicates
  • Simple to use interface
  • One click install through the AppExchange
  • Ability to enable/disable based on specific users
  • Allow users to override the warning (configurable)