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Winter '10 Release 

Code Scheduler & Batch Code Processor

I'm just now getting the chance to sit down and read the release notes for the Winter '10 release. There are some cool things going in from a developer standpoint (not to mention as an end user). Code Scheduler

The code scheduler being introduced is awesome. It's a cron-like mechanism that allows you to configure when your processes run so that you don't have to kick them off manually. It sounds simple, but this is a really nice thing to have. You can no create execution schedules and kick off Apex code. The code scheduler also allows you to monitor/edit schedules programmatically (as well as through the UI). Batch Code Processor

With the batch code processor, you can now batch/deploy asynchronous processes. This allows you to perform operations on an entire set of data within a single batch process. I can think of about 101 uses for this. The example they give in the release notes is perfect - building a process to validate all your account addresses and have it run in the background.

Read the full Winter '10 release notes here.

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