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What Salesforce Objects Support Apex Triggers?

If you’re running Unlimited, Developer, Enterprise, or editions of, you can use Apex Triggers to execute before or after a database insert, update, delete, merge, upsert undelete, or any combination thereof. allows for Triggers for many standard/system and custom objects. However, not all System Objects support Apex Trigger. Below is a list containing commonly used System objects:



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Reader Comments (1)

How do you mean "Attachments have no trigger support"?

Attachments do have trigger support.! As a matter of fact a before insert trigger it is the ONLY way to change ParentID for an attachment. After insert your'e stuck with the owner object (for some reason).

I use a trigger on before insert to move attachments from incoming mail to the case the mails and attachments belong to, in order to save time for the case agents going through the case documentation.



November 3, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterMats Eriksson

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