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Unable to fetch and save

Today I started getting the following error when creating a new Project inside Eclipse: Unable to fetch and save components to project

Unable to fetch and save components to project error after updating to JRE 7


This just started out of the blue today when I went to go create a new project. I started to backtrack at what all had changed over the last few days. Tons of Windows updates. Could that be the problem? Surely not. Long story short, I finally figured it was due to me downloading and installing Java Runtime Environment 7 (JRE 7). Previously I was using JRE 6. When I uninstalled JRE 7 and put JRE 6 back on there - problem solved. When I say "uninstall JRE 7", I mean go to the control panel and uninstall. For me I had two instances of JRE 7 for some reason. I had to uninstall both and then I did a fresh install of JRE 6 and restarted Eclipse. 

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