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Tips for a Successful Salesforce

(part two)

This is the second and last part of the series on Tips for a Successful Salesforce. Part 1 of the series focused more on the initial phases of implementing Salesforce in your organization. In Part 2, however, I’m going to give you tips that would ensure tangible success of your Salesforce through efficiency and productivity:


4- Integrate Salesforce with other systems: in order to boost the efficiency of your Salesforce org, you need to broaden its functionalities through integrating with legacy systems. Salesforce’s AppExchange  contains countless Apps ranging from simple utilities to full vertical solutions. Many of these apps found on the AppExchange are free to install and test.

We are really big fans of the Dupecatcher App that catches all of your duplicate records:

5-  Maximize automations and workflows: one of the major benefits of Salesforce is that it’s totally customizable, such that you can leverage workflow automation to give your users the ability to eliminate manual and redundant tasks. Here are some of what you can do:

  • Assigning tasks with due dates to the Marketing Team
  • Develop multi-step approval process for business processes automation (discounts)


6- Ensure compliance through using Salesforce regularly: in order to get the performance expected from the sales team, management should use Salesforce on a regular basis. It needs to be made clear to subordinates what metrics of Salesforce are evaluated. Here are two things I suggest management should do in order to establish a culture that Salesforce is the system of record and if it’s not in Salesforce, it doesn’t count:

  • Review monthly salesperson activities
  • Review monthly interactions with customers


That's all I have for now, please check back soon for more tips on Salesforce!

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