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Tips for a Successful Salesforce 

 (part one)

As in most of today’s CRM solutions, one attribute of implementing Salesforce in your organization is that no plan of execution can anticipate the impact on a user’s job. Subsequently, organizations will find themselves grappling with a new set of challenges revolving around issues of efficiency and optimization. In order to shed more light onto this, I’ll be presenting you with " Tips for a Successful Salesforce" in the next coming weeks:

1-     Keep your engineering simple: While Salesforce has flexible functionalities that allow for complex scalability, you should always keep it simple and focus on the objective you’re aiming to achieve rather than how the system works. Remember, over-engineering your Salesforce translates to more cost of deployment, need for training, additional resources, and support. All things being equal, the simplest solution usually tends to be the best one.

2-     Make your Salesforce truly valuable: It's important to remember that before that users had Salesforce they probably had a perfectly good CRM system, perhaps not efficient, but certainly effective. You should constantly be looking for new ways to add features of value for your users. Examples of things you can add to increase the value of your Salesforce:

  •  Add a links to to access business financials
  •  Create views to organize your data
  •  Upload documents to be accessible for your Sales department

3-     Regularly ask for feedback from users: Like any major technology initiative, the deployment of Salesforce in your organization can be a little cumbersome for your users. Assembling a team to gather feedback from cross-functional departments will improve productivity. If you understand and acknowledge the feedback coming from your users and make the experience more enjoyable for them, they will more likely adopt Salesforce as their new CRM system.

That's all I have for today. Remember to check back for MORE Salesforce tips daily!


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