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The Latest in Social Media Help from Salesforce

Managing Social Media in the workplace is a a challenge that requires a full toolbox. There is a  posting this week that is a good summary of the latest additions to the AppExchange from the Labs that may include just the tool you need.

  • Salesforce for Twitter and Facebook v4
  • Chatter Blacklist
  • Chatter Out of Office (detailed in a previous post)
  • Chatter Bucks
  • Group Master

You can not afford to not have the most current Facebook and Twitter information as it relates to Salesforce if your marketing group is using these avenues (who isn't?). Your compliance officer has been waiting anxiously for the day that Chatter Blacklist was available to monitor posts for forbidden words! A nice, p/c substitution appears in place of the blacklisted messaging! We covered the Chatter Out of Office tool a few posts back and it is awesome! Group Master is another great tool when it comes to managing your Chatter groups and reigning it all in. Thanks Labs for putting out these practical tools to make us smile and so our workday will go a little bit smoother.

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