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The Cloud, Salesforce and Nonprofits

While non-profits may have endless ideas and passion, they often lack the necessary technology to put those ideas into action. The cloud is turning out the be a great resource for non-profits to aid them in spreading their messages and visions. In fact, a study of non-profits from last fall shows that 91% of all non-profit companies are using some kind of cloud-based resources. Email is the most common with 69% use amongst the respondents. When asked about the reasons they preferred the cloud, the respondents answered that they liked the remote access, the ease of maintenance and the modern features and interfaces. 

It seems to me that non-profits and the cloud are, to use a cliche, a match made in heaven. Many of these companies that are working with limited funds will see a decrease in cost over time. Since cloud solutions can be costly to implement initially it's helpful that the cost decreases greatly over time. 

I find all the innovations in the cloud that help nonprofits very interesting. The cloud allows for so many different solutions to help nonprofit companies meet their needs. Our very own Salesforce includes a special edition version just for nonprofits tailored to help them manage their grants, resources and members. The relationships that are present in a nonprofit environment can be hard to manage due to their complexity but Salesforce has naturally found a solution to the problem. The biggest aid Salesforce offers to nonprofits is its Nonprofit Starter Pack. It's entirely free and helps nonprofits by setting up all the tools they need for effective CRM. Salesforce has a very handy (though a bit long) video to show all the ways in which you can use it's nonprofit offerings.


Recently, I learned of the organization Cloud for Good which helps nonprofits implement cloud-based applications using either Salesforce or Google Apps. They offer an extensive number of services to help create strategies for nonprofits to help aide them in the their missions. I don't recognize other blogs often enough here at Salesforce General so I thought that I'd take the chance today to say that one of my favorite things about Cloud for Good is their blog. The updates are always great and they find the best free resources to help nonprofits succeed in the cloud. 

Anyway, that's a brief overview of the ways in which cloud can be used to help power a nonprofit organization. I'm excited to see what new innovations are coming next.  

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