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"The Cloud Must Go On"

Salesforce and Online Marketing:

During Dreamforce ’12 sessions titled, “How Salesforce does Online Marketing” were held by 3 of the top online marketers in Salesforce. As indicated by most industry watchers, Salesforce doesn’t look for an easy win, but rather their approach is driven by informed decision making and team empowerment. Salesforce’s online marketing team, designed to take advantage of current events, is also swift and lean. When Marc Benioff’s keynote at Oracle Openworld was canceled a day before he was due to go on, Salesforce launched a vicious campaign named, “The Cloud Must Go On." Benioff’s staff scrambled to stage the talk anyway at a hotel across the street from the Oracle Openworld site. Standing on the street handing out flyers advertising the speech, the staff set up a live streaming of the video on Facebook. Within 20 hours of the rejection email, the staff was able to hijack sponsored tweets and hashtags of the OpenWorld event. Google ads were seen covering results related to Oracle searches. They also leveraged LinkedIn and YouTube.

Marc Benioff and Salesforce wanted everybody to know that you can cancel the keynote, but you can’t stop Marc. The result of this nimble marketing campaign was that Salesforce controlled almost half of the conversation around Oracle’s OpenWorld. Nicely played!

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