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Salesforce Record Size

As a general rule of thumb - regardless of whether you have 10 fields on an object or 80, Salesforce allocates and estimates 2k for more records. This is all about both performance, governor limits and your storage limits. To learn more check out KB 000193871

Below is a breakdown


Leads -- 2KB
Contacts -- 2KB
Accounts -- 2KB
Person Accounts - 4KB
Opportunities -- 2KB
Tasks -- 2KB
Forecasts -- 2KB
Events -- 2KB
Cases -- 2KB
Case Team Member – 2KB
Solutions -- 2KB
Notes -- 2KB
Custom Reports -- 2KB
Tags: unique tags – 2KB
Campaigns - 8KB
Campaign Members – 1KB
Contracts – 2KB
Google Docs – 2KB
Quotes – 2KB
Custom Objects – 2KB
Quote Template Rich Text Data - 2KB
Articles - 4KB


Person Accounts - You need to keep in mind that with Person Accounts there is an account record and a hidden Contact record associated with it and that is why it is double that of a lead or an account.

Email Messages - This is primarily up to the content size and is a 1 to 1 ratio. 100kb of content takes up 100kb of data storage space.

Note when testing - I really encourage my friends (and anyone who will listen) to take the time and add a few hundred fields to leads, contacts and accounts and make sure you test your code against it. Obviously the more fields you bring back in a SOQL query the more memory and CPU time you are going to use but the point is you want to be prepared for that down the road.