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Benioff to Set $1 Billion for "Possible Acquisitions"

Salesforce announced on Monday that it's about to go shopping for acquisitions with $1 Billion that's going to be raised in debt. The plan is to float convertible bonds due in 2018. The proceeds are said to be used for "general corporate purposes, including funding possible acquisitions of, or investments in , complementary business, services or technologies, working capital and capital expenditures."

It's interesting to note that Salesforce made another quite acquisition on February. The acquired company is EntropySoft; a French software company specializes in management of Web content for enterprises. 






Cross Object Formula Fields

Salesforce allows for cross-object referencing

In many Salesforce orgs, it's become a great need to be able to reference fields of an object to a field in another object. Fortunately, Salesforce allows for cross-object referencing and in this tutorial I'll show you a greate way to map a field to both Accounts and Contacts on convert:


This code allows a Cross Object formula field to get the value of the field on contact and account:





Validate Salesforce Account


Today, I'll show you a great way to validate an Account based on the following conditions:


  1. If Budget (Number Field)exceeds 10,000
  2. If Decision (Picklist Field) equals Yes
  3. If Timeline (Date field) is not blank


All above conditions must be true for the Custom/Picklist field to be set to "Yes". Here is how to do it: 


  • First, create a custom field (is Account Qualified?)
  • Set the Custom Field type to Formula with Text is output type
  • Copy and paste  the code below:


IF( AND( Budget__c >9999, ISPICKVAL(Decision_c,"Yes"), ISBLANK(Timeline__c)), "Yes", "No")





Map Account Fields to Contact Fields

Here is how to map Salesforce Account fields to Contact fields:

You probably hvae information in your Account object (like Annual Revneues, Number of Employees...) that you may want to make visible for sales people and perhaps other department in your organization too. Also, you may want these fields to be mapped and synced at the individual contact level. Here is how to map Salesforce Account fields to Contact fields:


  1. Go to Steup> App Setup> Customize> Contacts> Fields, then create a new custom field.
  2. In Wizard Step1, create a new custom contact field with Data Type: Formula.
  3. In Wizard Step2, enter the field lable, then select the data format.
  4. In Wizard Step3, click "Advanced Formula" tab, then click "Insert Field".
  5. Choose Contact> Account and pick the Account field you want to map your Contact field to
  6. Click "Insert" button
  7. set the Blank Field Handling to "Treat blank fields as blanks"


Finally, don't forget to choose the page layout you want teh custom field to bee added to, then click "Save". 


That's it!


LinguaSys to Join SFDC


Last week LinguaSys announced that it’s joining the ever growing Social Marketing cloud Ecosystem. Through the Insights ecosystem, LinguaSys will be able to help organizations leverage the power of social media and to connect with their customers, employees, and partners who speak foreign languages in completely new ways. While other similar products merely translate foreign contents, LinguaSys has the ability to fully understand non-English contents and queries them resulting in thorough, aggregate analysis.

“By creating a layer of language transparency, LinguaSys can help increase the mound of pertinent content to give Salesforce customers the most accurate possible sample data,”

Brian Garr, CEO of LinguaSys.

“LinguaSys is extremely proud to work with The Salesforce Marketing Cloud is an ideal way to put LinguaSys’ patent pending technology into the hands of enterprises looking for insight into what customers worldwide are saying about their products, helping to improve services and increase sales.”

"Today's leading brands recognize that social media is transforming the way they connect with customers on a global scale," said Michael Lazerow, CMO of Salesforce Marketing Cloud "By leveraging the power of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud, partners such as LinguaSys are empowering companies to take advantage of this shift and turn insights from millions of conversations about their products, brand and industry into actions that strengthen customer relationships."

LinguaSys is now available as an add-on on Salesforce Marketing cloud. 


Salesforce's Heroku to host Java!


Salesforce’s Heroku cloud service is a platform for hosting development languages, primarily web-oriented languages, such as Node.js, Scala, and Ruby. Now, Heroku is expanding to serve as an enterprise development platform by hosting Java!

“[Salesforce and Heroku] remain separate clouds, but the area of overlap between them is increasing,” said Jesper Joergensen, Senior Director of the Heroku Enterprise for Java. So how much will this cost? The COO of the Heroku business unit under, Oren Teich, said that the Java platform will be priced at $1,000 per month per production app.

Does this mean devs will have to adapt to a new environment for development?

Java devs who want to use the development platform will be able to use the Eclipse workbench with its open source integrated development environment. “You don’t have to change any of your preferred methods of development,” said Joergensen. 


SFDC Debuts Two More Rivals 


During  an onstage interview with the TechCrunch Disrupt conference, Marc Benioff, CEO of, revealed that they’re getting ready to roll out yet two more products in the upcoming Dreamforce Conference in San Francisco.

Chatterbox, which echoes the Chatter collaboration tool, is going to offer online file sharing and storage service, which is directed to compete with DropBox. “… We have to step up…our customers have come to us and said we want a Dropbox for the enterprise..”  It’s important to note that DropBox itself has recently launched an enterprise version of their product.

The other product is Identity, similar to Okta, provides single sign-on for multiple cloud applications at once. “Our customers have asked us to do the same thing…” Benioff noted.



Salesforce-Capgemini Partnership Expanded:  

According to the agreement, the underlying mission of the partnership of Salesforce and Capgemini is to “unlock the benefits of cloud and strategically transform into social enterprises,” by deploying an “integrated step-by-step approach that helps organizations re-envision customer experience, operational processes and business models”.

In related news: Capgemeni has recently launched CusotmerConnect Retail, a Salesforce native app designed to help retailers better understand their customers.

“ Our alliance with Capgemini will help meet the incredible demand we are seeing from customers to become social enterprises across, Europe, North America and the rest of the world.” George Hu, COO at


Salesforce’s Next Billion Dollar Business currently has six different lines of business: Salesforce Automation, Marketing, Collaboration, Customer Service, SFDC Development Platforms, and Human Capital Management. Salesforce Automation has already hit the $1 billion benchmark; this shouldn’t come as a surprise, especially after its recent deal, which is said to be the biggest deal Salesforce has made. If all goes according to plan, Marc Beniof, CEO of, predicts the Customer Service, Development Platform, and Marketing will soon catch-up.

This prediction came up during a conference call he held with equity analysts last Thursday. The recent acquisition of customer service platform RightNow by Oracle has increased competition between Oracle and However, Benioff asserted that Marketing will be SFDC’s next $1 Billion. The new marketing product is built on the combination of two products acquired by Radian6, acquired last year for $326 million, is a social media engagement and monitoring platform and Buddy Media, acquired for $689 is a cloud-based social media marketing and campaign management platform. Benioff also noted that the combination of these two products will enable users to “listen, engage, advertise, and measure their social marketing programs.” He also added that BuddyMedia already manages %10 of Facebook ad spend.


As for the Human Capital Management arena, Benioff said that will be unveiling the all new next month at their DreamForce ’12 event, which will be held in San Frnacisco in September. is a rebranding of their Rypple app, which was acquired last year for an undisclosed amount. “We’re working hard to integrate to deliver a full HR suite to our customers between,, and Workday,” Benioff said.