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Salesforce Hires Kundra to Expand Overseas

On Monday, Salesforce announced that the recently hired Vivek Kundra is going to be its executive vice president of emerging markets. The goal is to work with international businesses, organizations, and mainly foreign governemnts to move their computer infrastructure spending towards cloud computing. 

"The developed nations are all facing challenges in terms of their financial health... They can look at their operating expenses and see Salesforce as a disruptor" Kundra said. He also added that Salesforce will be seen as a provider of "new services". The overall strategy for this will be developed over the next few months, he said. 

Kundra has an extensive expierience working with governemnts at differnt levels. "When I was in the public sector, $26 billion of [computer infrastructure spending of] $80 billion was in proejcts years behind schedule or not working... The cloud can save money. I've seen it first hand, whether in D.C. or in teh federal government."

Currently, 68% of Salesforce's revenue comes from North America. Another 18% from Europe, and the remaining from Asia-Pacific, Africa and the Middle East reagions