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Mapping Fields for Lead Converstion

A lot of valuable information can be captured on a lead and in most cases I see it is just lost. People just simply forget to go map the fields over to Contact/Account and finding the place to do this is not super obvious either. Using the latest release Summer 16' we'll show you below a quick reminder on how to map your lead fields in Salesforce to the proper fields on the Contact and Account objects so that the data is not lost.

Step 1)

Go to Setup-->Customize-->Lead-->Fields

Salesforce Lead Conversion Field Mapping Step 1 

Step 2)

Click on the Lead Field Mappping Button in the section between the standard Salesforce Lead fields and the Custom Lead Fields

Salesforce Convert Map Lead Fields


 Step 3)

Map the various Salesforce Lead fields to the fields on the Salesforce Contact and Account objects. During the SalesforceLead converstion these values will then transfer to those fields on the object of choice.

Salesforce lead to contact and account field mappingUpon Saving, you'll get a confirmation and all future Salesforce lead conversations should follow this pattern.