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Improve data quality easily

I was recently reading a study on the benefits of high data quality and stumbled upon a statistic stating that the vast majority of data quality issues stem from poor quality customer data. While customer data may be vast and thus hard to manage it's surprisingly simple to clean up and maintain. In fact, I don't think it takes more than 5 or so steps to clean up customer data and once again return to high data quality. 

Many of these tips can be applies pretty generally when cleaning up your data but I'd like to focus them just a little bit on customer data. 

The first step in managing your customer data is to cut out any unnecessary data you may have. When the quantity of data is reduced the quality is much easier to maintain. Focus on the exact type of buyers that your business appeals to the most and cut out those that are not the most efficient buyers.

Now that you've cut out the unnecessary data it's time to clean up what's left. Research has shown that nearly a quarter of customer data is entered wrong in most business' databases resulting in errors and missed opportunities. A thorough cleansing of your database may be needed at this step. Doing it by hand is often an arduous and long process but thankfully, applications exist to help streamline the process. I'm quite partial to the app Cloudingo to clean up the dirty data in your Salesforce database. Even the cleanest of databases will become a mess again eventually so setting up regular maintenance is a crucial step. 

And finally, stop dirty data before it even enters your database. It's much easier to block data instead of having to find and clean it up later. I'd recommend the app DupeCatcher for blocking duplicate data before it ever enters into your Salesforce.

As you can see, only a few easy steps are required to keep your data quality high and the benefits of clean data are undisputable. 


manage salesforce data with Cloudingo

Just a few days ago, the folks from Symphonic Source treated me to a preview of their newest Salesforce app, Cloudingo. As you may have noticed, I'm quite a big fan of Symphonic Source's first application, Dupecatcher. It's an extremely simple yet useful tool to prevent anyone from entering duplicate data into Salesforce and thus keep the data quality high. 

Unlike Dupecatcher which prevents the user from entering duplicate data, Cloudingo finds and merges all kinds of Salesforce duplicate objects already in Salesforce

My first impression of Cloudingo was that it is a very efficient tool. I had it installed and up and running in a short time. Much of this was due to Cloudingo's quickness. It scans your data and finds the duplicates surprisingly quickly, and presents them in a dashboard. I also loved the clever phrases on the loading screens from the developers. 

Cloudingo comes with 8 pre-set filters ready to scan for duplicates in your leads, accounts and contacts (it even suppors person accounts!). These filters scan the important information (first name, last name, email, phone etc.) though they can easily be tweaked to search for more specific data. If these existing filters are not enough, the process of adding more is pretty straight-forward. Cloudingo seems to cater to both those who want to truly customize their Salesforce experience and those less involved in the process. 

I quite like the set up of the whole application. The UI is very clean and friendly. So far I haven't noticed any hidden tricks or difficulties of use. I'm finding Cloudingo not only efficient in its speed but also ease of use. 

The benefits of clean data are numerous and this is a tool that might help you manage yours quite a bit better. 

Cloudingo is a paid application and it is, unfortunately, not yet available in Salesforce's Appexchange but you can sign up for a free trial right now at the Cloudingo website!


Salesforce Makes Do.Com Available to the Public

One of the great things about Salesforce is the variety of applications available for download in its app exchange. These can certainly enhance your CRM experience (SFGeneral is partial to DupeCatcher, a free de-duplication app that helps de-clutter your contacts) and get the most out of Salesforce. 

In early November of this year, Salesforce launched and gave out about 200 invites to the beta version of its new social productivity service. Yesterday, it made the service available to the public. is a social-cloud task allocation tool aimed at corporate and personal users. It allows an individual or small team to manage task lists, organize projects and take notes. Non-Do users can also be given assignments and on joint tasks, those invited are given the option to comment, accept or reject assignments.

One thing that seems particularly handy to me about the application is its integration with Google Apps, Salesforce and Dropbox thus making file sharing more seamless. I have yet to use Do but it seems like a nice addition to the Salesforce family. Also, checkout this promotional video detailing what Do can do.






An Essential Data Quality Tool

This brief video will help you understand the scope of what this essential, free tool from the AppExchange can do to help you meet your Data Quality goals. Deduplication of leads, contacts and accounts is a common pain point and DupeCatcher can be tailored to be a custom fit. Take a couple of minutes to watch an see if you agree:


Five-Star Support

How a company takes care of its customers is where the rubber meets the road. No doubt we have all sat on hold, waiting for answers from our favorite phone company or internet provider only to get no real answer. It feels good when you find a company that gets it right.  I came across some awesome product support recently from the folks at Symphonic Source, makers of DupeCatcher. 


I became aware of an occasional install issue related to installing DupeCatcher  when I saw  a friend of mine who, after hearing me recommend my favorite dedupe app, decided to download the product.  He hit a snag that can occur when you have added custom fields.  The install that had been so simple for me, failed for him. He knew it was worth pursuing a solution.  He shot an email off to and moved on to another project expecting to wait a day or two. However  he quickly received a response from the folks at DupeCatcher with exactly what he needed. A brief video on YouTube covered the issue and the simple solution.  He followed their helpful tips and was in business within minutes.

The silver lining was that he discovered the DupeCatcher YouTube channel and sent me links to their product demo and how-to videos that made setting up DupeCatcher a snap for him.  The awesome app is now performing beautifully for him as it does for me. Below is the video on installing DupeCatcher.

Issues with software are inevitable. Good support is not, but the DupeCatcher folks get 5 stars!