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Salesforce to Release Communities This Summer

Last week, CRM powerhouse, Salesforce, announced that it will be releasing Communities this upcoming summer; a tool that will allow organizations to create a social portal for their customers.

The issue Salesforce is looking to resolve with Communities, while of course eliminating legacy Social Portal platforms, is to have the ability to bring conversations between organizations and their customers into its site and its apps. In essence, creating collaborative and mobile-ready experiences for business partners and customers all on, and feeding into, Salesforce (Sales, Service, and Marketing platforms).

"You can find a lot of good data on a legacy portal but if you have a question you need to go to a different channel to ask a community of experts....At the other end we have social point solutions on which you can get really good advice from communities, but where you can't get the business data to carry out a transaction."

 Said Michael Peachy, Senior Director of Solutions Marketing for Salesforce. This move by Sales force underlines its continued effort to have Chatter unite business and customer conversations.

It will be interesting to see how useful this platform will prove; especially that a few companies were given access to Communities. Salesforce Communities is said to be priced at $500 per month per community created.


Salesforce Adds "Social Intelligence" for Chatter

Last week Salesforce redefined social intelligence in its enterprise social network: Chatter. With its new "social intelligence" capabilities, the revamped Chatter is aimed at empowering customers and companies by tapping into their interest graph and connecting with stakeholders in entirely new ways.

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Chipper about Chatter Enhancements

Salesforce Spring '13 releases

There's a slew of new stuff coming to Salesforce Spring '13 release, and one of my favorite updates in the Chatter department. Here's a few of the highlights I thought you'd like to know about:

Chatter Tasks – This is great and seems a little bit more in line with how other task management apps work with inline tasks.  This functionality will...

1. Auto post your tasks related to Accounts, Contacts, Opportunities, and more directly to the Chatter feed so you can have a better understanding of all communication and activity connected to that record 

2. Allow you to create a Task directly ( and quickly!) from a Chatter post.  Instead of filling out a complicated form, just type the gist and move along.  What awesome functionality!


Some Other Minor Chatter Enhancements – Easily search through Group posts, make posts to Public Groups even if you aren't a user and a smaller chatter messenger box has been made when minimized.


Disable and Remove Chatter Chat Box

If your organization is not a Salesforce Chatter user, the little chat box in the lower right hand corner can get really annoying, really fast. Here's how to disable that bugger and thus remove it from your line of sight. You need to have Admin rights to perform this function.

Disable and Remove Chatter Chat Box:

  1. Click on your profile name on the top row
  2. Click on "Setup"
  3. In the left hand panel, Click "Customize" located under "App Set-up"
  4. This reveals a drop down menu of options. Click "Chatter" located near the bottom of the list.
  5. Under Chatter you will see "settings". Click it.
  6. This brings up the Chatter Settings page. Click on the "Edit" button to make changes to your settings.
  7. You should see that the Chatter Settings are "Enabled" indicated by a checked box. Click the box again to uncheck the box. This will disable Chatter for your entire organization.
  8. Click save and watch as the Salesforce Chatter chat box vanishes from sight!

Thumbs Up?

Let’s talk about Winter ’12. It’s a popular hashtag out there right now, and rightly so. Recently, published the Winter ’12 Release Notes. It’s a 127 page PDF of all kinds of cool info about Winter ’12, but what I want to focus on today is how much Salesforce is channeling Mark Zuckerberg with their updates to Chatter.

Recently, Facebook has made several changes to their layout and features that have been received with mixed results. It seems that Facebook users, particularly the younger Facebook users, don’t like change, so I wonder how the Facebook style changes to Chatter will be received.

In the new Chatter, you can now "like" comments as well as posts. This was a change Facebook made a while ago, and it was for the most part well received. Now Facebook users can "like" just about anything that is posted on the site, which caused their inboxes to explode before Facebook changed email notification policy a few weeks ago. Thankfully, Chatter’s default email notification is set to not spamming you endlessly with "like" notification emails. However, if you do want those emails, you can have them.

Before, Chatter was simply for people in a given company. But now, in some versions, there’s a feature where owners or managers of a group can invite customers to be a part of the group. The customers can only see the groups they’ve been invited to, and can only see limited content within that group. I guess this can be effective for communication if you’re already communicating a lot via Chatter, but I don’t see a real advantage for having a customer in a group if the customer can’t actually do anything. I may be oversimplifying this, but it will take some time to convince me that this is a good idea.

So thumbs up or not? Will the Facebook style changes to Chatter be a hit with users? Or will everyone start looking for the “dislike” button?



Salesforce Summer '11 Training 

Five online training modules on centered around the Summer '11 Release features make it easy to get up to speed and quickly focus on what is going to be helpful in your own Salesforce environment. Of course, Salesforce wants you to watch all 5 modules, which is not a bad idea since they are a pretty concise overview of what updates are available and much easier than reading release notes!

  • Chatter
  • Sales Cloud
  • Service Cloud
  • Jigsaw

You can find the modules in the Learning Center or just click here.


Superbowl + Salesforce 


The Wall Street Journal is reporting today that has purchased airtime immediately before and after halftime at the Super Bowl for animated commercials that were developed with help from, who will be performing during the halftime show with his band, Black Eye Peas. CEO, Marc Benioff, says he wants to reach the widest possible audience to share the good news of their product, Chatter, and the newest version launching January 31. The ads will feature a group of animated characters created by called the "Baby Peas".

"We really need to launch in a big way." says Benioff. "I can't think of anything bigger to do than launch it at the Super Bowl."


According to the WSJ article, the ads will span the 30 seconds preceeding and 15 seconds following the halftime show. Regarding his newfound, hi-tech friends, is quoted as saying,


"Geeks are cooler than the cool my world, geeks are the coolest."


Sep222010 Unveils Chatter 2

In less than a year, has gone from almost no social media type functionality to a fully loaded social platform. Chatter 2 brings more new tools to the table in hopes that more users will begin to use it. The current adoption rates are incredible though, so for most of us - this is all bonus functionality. Here is a list of some of the new features to take advantage of:

  • Files - you can now drag-and-drop files from your desktop directly into Chatter. In my view, this is a big one. I can't tell you how much time this will save.
  • Email digest - great for those of us who don't have time to sit and watch the latest posts and feeds. You can now setup daily or weekly recaps.
  • Topics - just like the has tags we're all familiar with in Twitter.
  • Chatter filters
  • Analytics - as a system admin this is great. I can now quickly generate a report and email it off to the department heads.
  • Desktop integration through Adobe Air. This allows you to see the latest feed without keeping a browser window open. Screen realestate is a precious commodity - this a nice add-on.
  • Search, recommendations, and more...



Salesforce Chatter Going Mobile

Earlier this week, announced that they are taking Chatter to the smart phone. While we've expected this for some time now - it is exciting news. Mobile devices are becoming the new enterprise desktop. IDC research is placing the number at more than 50 percent of the workforce.

"The combination of devices like the iPad or the new iPod touch with mobile apps like Chatter that push information to you in real-time are making the desktop obsolete."

-  Marc Benioff, chairman and CEO of

What excites me about Chatter going mobile is the clear commitment by to bringing business and social media together. Chatter was officially launched back in June. They are reporting that nearly 20,000 companies have deployed the platform. I've been in a number of user group meetings over the summer and the topic always comes up by someone in the group, "have you guys implemented Chatter for your users?" As the summer has progressed I've been hearing less and less people say, "not yet." What seems to be a clear indicator of a successful Chatter adoption by end users is they buy in from key executives. When this would be raised in the group, at least one admin would always chime in, "..but our CTO is so tied up in meetings and trips he doesn't have time." By rolling out Chatter Mobile, this is no longer a roadblock.

Chatter Mobile apps for iPhone, Blackberry and iPad will be in the market later in 2010. Support for Chatter Mobile on Andriod devices should be available next year. 

Salesforce Chatter is available at no additional charge to app paying subscribers of Salesforce CRM and