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Intro to Programming

I love how thinks! In celebration of reaching 1,000,000,000 lines of Apex code, they celebrate by teaching more programmers about how to join up and get started. Blink and you might miss it though--the webinar is THIS week, Wednesday, March 9. You can choose between 7am PST or 10am PST if they are both still available when you register.

If you or someone in your office would benefit from the basics of Apex-the programming language for the platform, then act fast and register. The list of instructional goals during the webinar are introductions to the following topics:

  • Apex syntax, and the contexts in which you can use the language
  • Apex's database integration and use in programming UI controllers
  • The testing and code coverage facilities
  • Other uses, such as web services and asynchronous execution

We have a new developer registered as well as a couple of people who are not developers but need to understand a little more about the capabilities of Apex. Oh, and maybe one of us will win the new iPod Touch that is being given away!