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Sync and Share your Google Calendar

Increase productivity when you share your calendar with your Salesforce Org

As you probably know, there is no native support offered by Salesforce for syncing Google Calendar with your  Salesforce org.  I've solved this for you. Here is a tutorial that will help you integrate your Google Calendar into your Salesforce Org:

  • In Google Calendar, click settings and copy the link under: Embed This Calendar:


  • In Salesforce, go to Setup> App Setup> Customize> Home> click Create New Homepage Component:

  • Under Custom Components, click New, then click Next, give the desired name your Calendar. Make sure you select HTML Area as the type, then click Next:


  • Tick the checkbox "Show HTML" to show it, then paste the link to your Google Calendar. In the HTML code, change the Height to 400 instead of 600. Then, click save:

  •  Now we need to add the Calendar component to the Home Page Layout: on the same page go to:App Setup> Home> Home Page Layout> then click Edit>


  • Find the Calendar you created earlier "Marketing Calendar" then tick its checkbox and click Next


  • Then, click Save. an there you have it, your Google Calendar Syncing with your Salesforce! (NOTE: login to your Google Calendar is required for it to show in Salesforce)



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