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Simplify the Data-Structure to Increase User Adoption

Salesforce Tip of the Day!

Having to look through a long list of Fields to find what you’re looking for is not only frustrating for users but also counter-productive. If your data in Salesforce is unorganized and formless, then your usage of Salesforce defeats the purpose of having CRM system, which is to help you accelerate and maximize your productivity; for example, what if you need to find the phone number of this Contact record:



A proper structuring of CRM not only allows users to find what they need quickly but also increases user adoption. Here’s an example of a proper CRM data structuring: you can see below that the rather less important fields are sectioned below and are collapsible. The most important/used fields (like Phone and Email) in the record; however, are placed at the top section.


By using this layout, segmenting your records in this fashion and putting the most important fields at the top and using collapsible sections, you know exactly where to look for the information you need.

Now, carry this layout across all your objects like Leads, Contacts, and Accounts.

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