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Salesforce's Heroku to host Java!


Salesforce’s Heroku cloud service is a platform for hosting development languages, primarily web-oriented languages, such as Node.js, Scala, and Ruby. Now, Heroku is expanding to serve as an enterprise development platform by hosting Java!

“[Salesforce and Heroku] remain separate clouds, but the area of overlap between them is increasing,” said Jesper Joergensen, Senior Director of the Heroku Enterprise for Java. So how much will this cost? The COO of the Heroku business unit under, Oren Teich, said that the Java platform will be priced at $1,000 per month per production app.

Does this mean devs will have to adapt to a new environment for development?

Java devs who want to use the development platform will be able to use the Eclipse workbench with its open source integrated development environment. “You don’t have to change any of your preferred methods of development,” said Joergensen. 

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