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Salesforce Tooling API

With the Salesforce Spring 13 release just around the corner, developers everywhere should be getting anxious for the new Salesforce Tooling API.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, it’s pretty well known that easily sharing code and best practices with other organizations in an effort to create an open source ecosystem around Salesforce is difficult. This is often due to barriers to entry that make it tricky to export/import code into a Salesforce instance. In short, it’s just not easy to collaborate within the Salesforce Developer community…until now!

With the new Salesforce Tooling API, devs in the community can start to build tools for other developers that might make it easier to share code and ideas and increase the flow of best practices within the community.  The Tooling API allows for access to key building blocks of development, including Apex classes, triggers, and VisualForce pages.

Here are some goodies from the API documentation:

  • Manage working copies of Apex classes and triggers and Visualforce pages and components.
  • Check for updates and errors in working copies of Apex classes and triggers and Visualforce pages and components, and commit changes to your organization.
  • Set heap dump markers.
  • Overlay Apex code or SOQL statements on an execution.
  • Access heap dump files.
  • Access debug log files.
  • Set trace flags to generate log files for yourself or for other users.

With a tool this great, I suspect that they’ll continue to build on this in the future, maybe even providing access to more metadata like reports and dashboards, which, of course can only benefit the Salesforce Developer community even more!

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