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Salesforce: Disable Inline Editing

Editing a record in Salesforce by using inline editing (as opposed to clicking the Edit button to edit) might be quick and easy, but the fact is, inline editing does not fire off assignment rules or workflows. 


You have two options here:


  1. You can set the assignment rules to be checked by default on page layout, which will then allow the assignment rules to be triggered. This is done by editing the Page Layout and clicking the "Layout Properties."This way, inline editing is generally allowed but is disabled for assignment.
  2. The other option is to globally disable inline editing in the org; Go to Your Name> Setup> Customize> User Interface> Uncheck "Enable Inline Editing"

and now you can rest assured that assignments and workflows are never going to be bypassed by inline editing in your Salesforce org. 

Update: Our friend Matt Lamb (SF guru) pointed out that part of this may have been fixed. I'll verify this and update the posting but the Assignment rules not firing is still an open item according to the Ideas posting. Matt thinks they may have fixed this for workflow rules (i.e. they fire when inline edits happen). Again, we'll check this and many thanks to Matt who wrote in with his comments. 



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Reader Comments (1)

I know the Assignment Rule thing is a known bug (, but I'm relatively positive workflow rules fire on inline edits. It used to not work that way, but the bug has since been patched for workflow rules and triggers.

February 6, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterMatthew Lamb

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