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Salesforce Adds "Social Intelligence" for Chatter

Last week Salesforce redefined social intelligence in its enterprise social network: Chatter. With its new "social intelligence" capabilities, the revamped Chatter is aimed at empowering customers and companies by tapping into their interest graph and connecting with stakeholders in entirely new ways.

"The new feature is called 'Chatter Topics and Expertise', and it lets users find information and resources and identify experts based on specific interests. Mining Social Intelligence, organizing it, and making use of it has been the subtext of Chatter since its inception." said Anna Rosenman, Senior Manager/ Chatter Product Marketing.


According to Rosenman,the CRM giant is making a "huge, huge investment'" in the Expertise feature, which will help users find the right people with useful knowledge on a specific topic. Benjamin Luftman, at Luftman, Heck & Associates is planning to use the new feature stating that:

"The introduction of chatter Topics will be of great benefit to us, allowing us to link multiple Chatter posts to a common Topic page...being a law firm, we use a lot of documents and forms which are often similar and used over multiple accounts."

Chatter has only been around for two years and is in an industry that is very competitive, going directly against Yammer, Huddle, and others. But one thing that differentiates Chatter from other enterprise social networks, is that its content is automatically shared across all of its other platforms such as and

The new Chatter features are in pilot phase and are said to be released around June of this year. Prices will be announced then.

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