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Jan032014 Tip: Freeze Users

When administering Salesforce, you can at times run into scenarios where a particular users’s account should no longer have access. An example of that is when you have reason to believe that a user’s account has been compromised or someone has just left the company and you want to prevent them from logging in. Normally you would just disable the user; however, if the user is part of a custom heirachary field - there are more steps invovled. A nice solution in the meantime us to just use the "Freeze" function. 

To freeze a user in your org, go to Your NameSetupManage UsersUsers. Find and click the user and then click “Freeze” to freeze the account. 

salesforce freeze user
After the user is frozen - the Freeze button changes to an Unfreeze button which performs (well, you get the idea).
Note: When you freeze a user, it does not free up a user license. In order to actually free up a licnense you have to perform an actual deactivation of the user.

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