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Safe in the Cloud?

If your company is making a move to the Cloud, is information security being considered? Hopefully, yes and safeguards are considered crucial. That's the ideal, but so often is not  the case. 

First step is for IT to be involved in the migration planning and implementation process. Raise this issue if it is not already in place. Get as involved as possible. Next, has an assessment of risks already been done in regards to the current environment? Look at current threats and what controls are already established. It gives you a  baseline, so to speak. Also take a look at the checks and balances in place through your cloud vendor of choice. Establish strengths, but more importantly, places of weakness when you compare their controls up against yours so that you can plan accordingly. Many vendors can supply you with documentation, such as an "SIG" (Standardized Information Gathering). If the process of selecting a vendor is still ongoing, ask to be involved  in the comparison from a security standpoint. Work with the vendors being considered to know where the strengths and weaknesses of each rate alongside other features deemed important.

Once risks and controls (current and future) are established, begin to plan the security through the migration process to the cloud. Begin the process of assuring that legacy components are up to date and consistent on policy tat is in place or being updated. Consider variables that need to be addressed. Look at this as an opportunity to bring policy and equipment and applications into shape and ready for change. Stay involved all the way through the transition and migration. Plan for the state of flux and potential issues. Change is always challenging but many times brings about increased efficiency and benefits.

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