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Required Checkbox Validation

Prevent a Salesforce Record From Being Saved if Checkbox is not Ticked

So we now how to enable a required field in a record, but how about making a requried checkbox in your Salesforce form? well it's simple and here is how to do it:

In this tutorial, whether the three fields (Accounts, Date, Expected Completion Date) are populated, the record will NOT be saved unless the user ticks the checkbox (Review) 

Field 1: Lookup field called : "Account"
Field 2: Date field called "Date"
Field 3: Date field called "Expected Completion Date"
Field4: Checkbox called "Review""

AND(Review__c = FALSE,

and now, If the user enters data in to any one, any two, or all three fields, but does NOT check the box, an error will be thrown.

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