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Is Your Salesforce Instance Truly Dependable and Manageable?  

Salesforce is a great platform for managing your relations with your constituents. Although Salesforce is highly customizable,, having too many ‘custom’ functionalities in your Salesforce Instance will sure to cripple it beyond repair. Let's say you have 200+ custom fields on the Opportunity and a maze of formulas and input fields populating values, chances are your Salesforce is unmanageable.  If your Salesforce instance gets too complicated, entry processes can become painful and ultimately users will abandon Salesforce and resort back to basic tools such as ‘Excel.’

So how do you prevent unnecessary custom fields from crippling your Salesforce org? Well, you need to answer the following two questions:

How are the fields used in your Salesforce org?

You should understand how your fields are populated and whether their use is for manual or automated data entry. Also, check periodically to make sure unnecessary fields are not accumulating in your Salesforce instance.

How are the fields calculated?

Whether fields are rollup summaries or formulas, you need to understand the business logic behind deploying them and equally important, how they're calculated. Your organization should provide detailed documentation of all of its Salesforce Instance’s features, including all those of custom fields. 

If you can't answer these two questions in relation to your Salesforce org, you should consider hiding them from the page layout or better yet, delete them altogether!


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