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Introducing Salesforce Identity

In the past organizations were able to manage their employee's access to applications and servers as a security precaution through Active Directory. But now with the cloud-based technologies, like, companies are finding it nearly impossible to manage users' access behind a firewall. Good news! Salesforce announced this week that Salesforce Identity is now open to the public: a tool that helps Salesforce admins manage user identities both in the Salesforce eco-system and in third party apps, including mobile apps. This means that a Salesforce Admin is able to set user access to apps like Evernote, Dropbox, and Sugar CRM. Salesforce Identity was first debuted at Dreamforce 2012 and had been a beta feature since.

"It's not a as straightforward as a beta because we've opened up a series of platform services that we already use for all of our customers...with Mobile Identity, for example, we've used that to deliver our own mobile applications, and we're extending that now to any application that wants to plug into our app ecosystem." Said Salesforce VP of Product Management, Chuck Mortimer.

One of the things Salesforce Identity can do is extend user privileges from Microsoft Active Directory to Salesforce users. Salesforce admins will basically be able to manage and control users' rights and access to third party apps and those within the Salesforce ecosystem all under a single console, effectively giving a single-sign-on to users in their organization.

Salesforce Identity is rumored to be free for Enterprise and Unlimited Salesforce editions. It will cost an additional $1 per user, per month, if you want to control both identity access on for cloud apps and otherwise, like Microsoft Active Directory.


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