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How Activision Smooths Feathers 


At Dreamforce12, Marc Benioff, CEO of, illustrated how social media is changing the enterprise. A prime example of this is Activision’s use of Salesforce as a support platform.The story was one of many others that Benioff and his team came up with during the keynote at Dreamforce 12, which attracted 90,000 people this year.

Activision’s CIO, Robert Schmid along with Salesforce’s senior vice president of marketing, Fergus Griffin noted that a Guitar Hero gamer tweets that he couldn’t his guitar to work. Hundreds of employees of support at Activision will see that tweet coming through a feed in their Chatter (Salesforce’s app for communication). “We’re enabling a social enterprise,” Schmid said. “We’re interacting with people the way they want to interact. It’s a faster, better way of doing things.”

This “social front office for customers” brings in and organizes data in a way that the company is able to draw conclusions through analyzed customer experience; helping millions of gamers! 

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