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Generate a Report Right From the Record Page

One of the major perks of using is its robust Reporting tool. Although the Reporting tool is quite capable, one drawback of it is that it's somehow separated from where you'd mostly spend time working through the data. If you're looking at a particular Lead record and wanted to create a report, you'd have to navigate to the Reports tab and create a report there. Today, I'll be showing you a quick way to create a report from the click of a button right from the record page.

For my tutorial, I'll create a button an place it on the Leads page- I will then have the ability to generate a report on All Open Leads; right from that button.

Creating the Report:

First, create the report that will deliver the end results you want. Make sure to save the report as a public report after you've run it so all users will have access to it.

Building the Button:

It is best to have the button created on the same object as the corresponding Report. To create the button on Leads, go to: Setup> Leads> Buttons, Links, and Actions> New Button or Link. Name the button and select "Detail Page Button" as the Display Type. Make sure to select URL as the Content Source.

In the text box below, type in a backlash followed by the Report id (the id is found on the URL of the report). Then type in "Pv0". Depending on the order of the criteria in the report you have, the number proceeding the Pv may differ. The first criterion is pv0; the second one is pv1....etc.

Now, you can generate a report right from the record.

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