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Feb162011 unveils Toolkit for Facebook

Earlier this month, officially released the beta version of the Toolkit for Facebook.  The JSON parser that  is needed to make it native on the platform is  rumored to be available in Summer '11. For now, the beta is an unmanaged package and you can install it and get to know the features.

Quinton Wall wrote a great Getting Started article that you can find on that will fast track the learning curve.

Facebook and Salesforce will make a dynamic team and the matchup signals the value places on giving its customers what they are asking for. Besides that, it's no secret how big of a Facebook fan CEO Marc Benioff is.    The Tool Kit is a great look at the way that SFDC is opening its API infrastructure to REST-based architectures and even though this is new territory, it's a beginning. What we are hearing is that the tool kit will eventually support "write" capabilities.

And the tool kit is also available in GitHub for those who are interested in working on it. Feel free to fork the project  and make your own additions or modifications.

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