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Five-Star Support

How a company takes care of its customers is where the rubber meets the road. No doubt we have all sat on hold, waiting for answers from our favorite phone company or internet provider only to get no real answer. It feels good when you find a company that gets it right.  I came across some awesome product support recently from the folks at Symphonic Source, makers of DupeCatcher. 


I became aware of an occasional install issue related to installing DupeCatcher  when I saw  a friend of mine who, after hearing me recommend my favorite dedupe app, decided to download the product.  He hit a snag that can occur when you have added custom fields.  The install that had been so simple for me, failed for him. He knew it was worth pursuing a solution.  He shot an email off to and moved on to another project expecting to wait a day or two. However  he quickly received a response from the folks at DupeCatcher with exactly what he needed. A brief video on YouTube covered the issue and the simple solution.  He followed their helpful tips and was in business within minutes.

The silver lining was that he discovered the DupeCatcher YouTube channel and sent me links to their product demo and how-to videos that made setting up DupeCatcher a snap for him.  The awesome app is now performing beautifully for him as it does for me. Below is the video on installing DupeCatcher.

Issues with software are inevitable. Good support is not, but the DupeCatcher folks get 5 stars!




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