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Features Added to DupeCatcher

My favorite deduplication App, DupeCatcher, released a new version today that added the following:

  • Support for Person Accounts
  • The ability to exclude Salesforce logins from DupeCatcher Filters and Rules
  • New field matching abilities

According to May 17 press release, the DupeCatcher team released an update today for their excellent deduplication app that is available on the AppExchange FREE of charge. DupeCatcher has become a favorite of many, maintaining its position near the top of the Free Apps listing on the AppExchange. My experience is that it does an outstanding job of blocking duplicate Salesoforce leads, accounts, and contacts.

The latest version, announced today, now includes deduplication of new Salesforce Person Accounts. Today's announcement means that organizations that use Person Accounts can now take full advantage of DupeCatcher's capabilities regardless of record types.

Since introducing this helpful free tool, Symphonic Source (makers of DupeCatcher) have continued to improve what DupeCatcher is capable of, listening to their customer's pain points and responding with what will be of assistance to those of us in the marketplace that are struggling with data quality standards and specifically, deduplication.

In addition to supporting Person Accounts, there are two other updates to make note of:
The new release allows for the ability to exclude Salesforce logins from DupeCatcher deduplication Filters and Rules.

You will now have new field matching abilities that add efficiency and accuracy to your deduplication processes.

The latest version of DupeCatcher and additional documentation are available at their SalesForce AppExchange listing or from

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