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DupeCatcher adds Override and Custom Field features  

Data Cleansing is a difficult struggle and I want to remind you of some help via the Salesforce AppExchange. It's a free, native  app called DupeCatcher that I have mentioned before and it recently hit #1 on the Free Apps Top Ten list when they announced their latest version.  I mention it again because my experience has definitely matched the good reviews on their AppExchange listing.  I have downloaded the tested the latest version and I think Admins are going to find it a very useful tool.

Enhancements to the new version include an override function and support for custom fields. This is going to give Salesforce admins greater control and flexibility in maintaining the high data quality we all strive for.  Here's a quick glimpse and a couple of screenshots:

 Override function-Admins have the ability to customize the settings to allow users the ability to save a known duplicate record with the click of a button.

 Support of custom fields-Allows users greater flexibility in filtering on the key data fields that determine whether or not a record has been duplicated with their specific Salesforce org.





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