Data Research-Grounded in the Cloud?
Friday, April 15, 2011 at 1:09PM
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Have you delved into this week’s post on The Cloud Blog?  It boldly addresses the need for a massive effort to reduce the cycles spent pushing garbage data through business processes. The post contends that Cloud computing can go a long way to assist in the cleanup and quotes some serious data from Nuclear Research in a recent report titled, The Benefits of Jigsaw.  The Research Note concludes that traditional data sources were not able to deliver user-generated business contact information as accurately as Jigsaw’s Cloud 2 approach.  The numbers are impressive, stating that Jigsaw was up to 40 percent more accurate.

Rebecca Wettermann, VP of Research at Nucleus is quoted as saying:

“ Jigsaw is a great example of how the cloud is far more efficient at some tasks than traditional computing.  Our analysis of Jigsaw customers found Jigsaw is not only more cost-effective but also more accurate for managing sales and marketing contact information.”

According to the Nucleus research report, key findings are:

  1. Increased productivity-Nucleus Research found that Jigsaw customers had up to 40 percent more accurate data and contact information than traditional business data platforms. The research cited the accuracy of community monitored data as a driving factor in increasing productivity and response rates for customers
  2. Improved marketing response rates-Nucleus Research found that companies using Jigsaw to support outbound marketing campaigns were able to increase direct marketing response rates by an average of 20 percent by using Jigsaw business data over traditional lists.
  3. Greater sales effectiveness with reduced lead generation costs- The research found by cutting out the time or money typically spent on managing bad data or pursuing outdated contacts, sales and marketing professionals were able to reduce lead generation costs significantly. With Jigsaw's crowd-sourced data, companies had real-time clean data, shorter sales cycles and higher close rates.
  4. Easy cloud-based integration – Jigsaw customers reported that they could easily incorporate Jigsaw's data-as-a-service into Salesforce CRM; using the Jigsaw cloud data solution liberates customers from legacy data sources that require expensive and complex data management.


Brett Queener, Salesforce Executive VP of Chatter and Emerging Products has this to say about the report:

" used the cloud to completely transform the CRM industry. With Jigsaw and Cloud 2, we are now transforming the data industry. The Nucleus Research report validates the power of combining an active, social community of users with the cloud to deliver accurate data that expands the boundaries for customer success."

Efficiency and managing of data is critical to business and this is a topic to watch for sure, but it will also be helpful to have lively discussion on what is working and what is not. . Salesforce has a lot to offer to the conversation , so what’s happening on this front in your company? Case studies and real-life applications are going to be ultimately more helpful than research.

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