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Data Quality Tips

I attended the Dallas Salesforce User Group meeting this month where we discussed data quality. If the crowd is any indication, this is an important topic for many Salesforce users and admins. There are some great resources on the Learning Center at and  Symphonic Source also made a presentation about being proactive and reactive when it comes to managing data quality. If you are in a place where you need to measure the impact of not cleaning up your data, they offer the following list of reasons to make this area a priority.

  • Increases Costs
  • Decreases revenue
  • Increases risks
  • Disrupts daily operations
  • Causes bad technical business
  • Undermines strategic corporate planning

Will there be challenges to getting the job done? Most definitely. What does it take to make it happen?

  • Requires business units to take responsibility
  • Requires cross-functional cooperation
  • Requires discipline
  • Requires an investment of resources

One more list that is worth thinking through to see how it fits your company. These are great steps toward better data:

  • Communicate-Get user buy0in to understand that data quality is a team effort
  • Profile-Define and implement controls including controls that detect and correct errors
  • Strategize-Define and implement controls including controls that detect and correct errors
  • Regulate-Improve existing data creation and data management processes align with quality goals
  • Automate-Implement a technological infrastructure to support data quality functions
  • Manage-utilize processes & tools to protect and track data quality on an ongoing basis

This is only part of the presentation but I will let you absorb this much and post more later. As part of the presentation, of course, they discussed their popular app, DupeCatcher, available on the AppExchange. There was not a demo, so I am including one below from YouTube, but there was discussion about the functionality of deduplicating leads, contacts, and accounts at the point of entry. The latest version also has merge and override functions, which I have found amazingly helpful.

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