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Data Quality Tips, part 2

These Data Quality notes are straight from the Dallas Salesforce Users Group meeting last month. There was so much info, I had to divide it into two posts. Part one is two posts back or click here. In part two, I am just picking up where I left off in the previous post.

More from Symphonic Source on setting and maintaining high standards of data quality. This is the second half of the presentation that Symphonic Source made to the Dallas Salesforce Users Group last month.
Data Quality Stewardship
•    Educate-Convey the importance of Data Quality to individual job roles and to the company mission.
•    Analyze-Understand usage trends and need. Adapt processes accordingly.
•    Standardize-Establish policies and processes. Train best practices.
•    Monitor-Regularly review processes and validate data.
•    Facilitate-Utilize available resources to add efficiency and make tasks easier.
•    Reinforce-Encourage data quality practices with rewards.
Some Best Practices to consider
•    Preventing errors at their source is more efficient than search and repair
•    Minimize future errors by eliminating root causes
•    Automate processes for added efficiency and scaling
•    Establish goals
•    Set metrics and create reports
•    Analyze available resources (budget)
•    Nominate tools (i.e. for duplication)
•    Implement data quality processes
•    Communicate plan to stakeholders
Elevating Data Quality
•    Set policies for naming conventions such as Inc/INC/Incorp/Incorporated)
•    Use validation to standardize addresses, phone, and other information
•    Create pick lists for standard fields such as role, title, department, products, etc.
•    Rectify missing, wrong, or contradictory data
•    Deduplicate records and offload unused data
•    Utilize automation tools and check data against other systems
•    Augment and enrich records with missing information
•    Poll users on data that would add intelligence and value
•    Pull in meaningful data from other internal systems
DupeCatcher is a free tool available from the Salesforce AppExchange. Immediately upon installation you can begin to block duplicates at the point of entry to your Salesforce database. The package allows you to create custom lead, account, and contact dedupe filters and rules as well as run reports on how often they are triggered. In other words, it is very customizable to your needs.  User reviews tell us that it is simple to set up and get working toward a cleaner database right away. Another advisable step is to set it up, let it run in the background, making valuable information available to admins about where your duplicates are coming from, potentially showing the root cause of duplicates being entered. With this information you can be strategic about how you set your DupeCatcher filters and rules. For assistance downloading and set up, there is a quick start guide available at as well as quick, how-to videos on the Symphonic Source YouTube channel.

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