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Curb Users From Creating New Records


Salesforce Tip of the Day!

If you're an admin in Salesforce, you have 2 ways to restrict users from creating new records: 

  1. you can use Validation Rules to restrict users from creating new records. The code below will show you how to prevent users of a specific Role IDs from creating records:



$User.ProfileId ='ID_Of_Profile_a',
$User.ProfileId ='ID_Of_Profile_b')


The way this code works is that it looks to see:

A.If the record is new

B.If the user attempting to create the record is one of those two profiles (a & b) and if so, an error will be        produced

One thing to keep in my mind is that Validation Rules in Salesforce are Object-specific; so you'd need            to create the same Validation Rule in other objects. 


   2. Another way to prevent users from creating new records is to remove the "Create" permission from that particular profile: Go to Setup> Administrator Setup> Manage Users> Profile/Role. 


 Leave a comment below and tell me if this helps you better organize your data in Salesforce!

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