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Connect Salesforce to Other Apps

Kapow Software released its latest cloud integration recently which lets users connect Salesforce - or any app - with any web-based data or business provider. Kapow Katalyst, as its called, allows for seamless sharing and automation across various platforms. And it all works without any coding. 

As Salesforce becomes more and more critical to the handling of various (and growing in number) business processes the need to integrate Salesforce with outside systems becomes necessary. Kapow has the right idea. 

Stefan Andreasen, CEO of Kapow Software, explains the need for this update well:


“We hear from customers that as Salesforce pushes deeper into their enterprise, the need for real-time, self-service integration between Salesforce and external web apps and websites is becoming a must-have, not simply a nice-to-have."


Beyond integration, the other major service the update offers is automation. The Kapow Katalyst Apex Generator allows for automation between any app and any other web-based application. This feature allows Salesforce, or any other application to become the center and focus of many different business processes. 

The best part of all this is that no coding is required. These applications bypass the Apex needed to connect any outside data or business processes to Salesforce. Kapow is simply streamlining the process. 

Overall, I'm pretty excited about this update. The need to automate and integrate various platforms is the key to productivity and doing it without code is pretty handy.

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