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CIOs’ thoughts on Dreamforce 2012  

Customer feedback is always valued by technology vendors like and others, but up until the last week, I never heard any CIO come on stage and say: “Nice shoes, Marc”! It was a funny spontaneous moment during’s CEO Marc Benioff’s keynote at Dreamforce 2012. This year, Salesforce and Marc Benioff were unusual in that they actually focused on their customer’s stories to tell of their products rather than resorting to the usual acts of self-promotion, perpetrated by most companies.

Don’t get me wrong, a lot of vendors call upon many CIO’s to voice their “opinions” of their products, but the fact is, those are usually highly staged conversations. A lot of crediability was convied when Marc Benioff weaved the videos and slides with live Q&A with CIOs, asking the same question: “What does the future look like to you?”

“Social for me gives us new revenue streams, and new ways to bring value to customers,” said Charlene Begley, Senior Vice-President and CIO of General Electric. “It’s accelerating learning, communication, connecting the right people at the right information at the right time on any device.”

“Our industry is really in need of trust. It’s one of the core tenants of our brand,” said Brad Peterson, CIO of Charles Schwab. “To be a social business, you have to have it supported as part of the DNA of your company.”

After that, came Activision’s Robert Schmid told a brief story of how his organization uses Salesforce to engage with complaining gamers. “it really shows how this is more about a cultural change… takes more time to penetrate into the enterprise.’

“What does the future look like to you?” is a fantastic way to open dialogue with customers about innovation and future of enterprise. The fact is, Dreamforce 2012’s kick off gave the biggest proof that customers deserve to be the real stars of the show!

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This was really interesting. I've been looking into a salesforce administrator in Charlotte, NC and was curious as to what the position was. Thanks for this.

October 4, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterAvery Schlacter

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