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Chipper about Chatter Enhancements

Salesforce Spring '13 releases

There's a slew of new stuff coming to Salesforce Spring '13 release, and one of my favorite updates in the Chatter department. Here's a few of the highlights I thought you'd like to know about:

Chatter Tasks – This is great and seems a little bit more in line with how other task management apps work with inline tasks.  This functionality will...

1. Auto post your tasks related to Accounts, Contacts, Opportunities, and more directly to the Chatter feed so you can have a better understanding of all communication and activity connected to that record 

2. Allow you to create a Task directly ( and quickly!) from a Chatter post.  Instead of filling out a complicated form, just type the gist and move along.  What awesome functionality!


Some Other Minor Chatter Enhancements – Easily search through Group posts, make posts to Public Groups even if you aren't a user and a smaller chatter messenger box has been made when minimized.

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