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Change Default Record Type on Salesforce Create

I was working with an organization the other day where I helped them installed and setup the Salesforce Non-Profit Starter pack. This autmatically creates record types for the Organization and Househould. One of the users came back (the person I was training as an admin) and asked if we could change the default record type. This is a fairly simple process so I thought I would show it below.


Setting the default record type is done at the profile level. Navigate to the following:

Setup > Manage Users > Profiles > (Select a profile like Standard User) > Object Settings > Accounts

Here is a sample of what you might see

In our case I changed to Household account as the default. The nice thing about having it at the User Profile > Object level is you can set it to different things based on the type of user. In this organizations case they have different users that create partner organizations than those who enter household accounts. It's easy to default to different record types for each of those users in this fashion.

Now when a new Organization (Account) is created it defaults to Household Account for the Standard User profile we just modified.


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