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Salesforce Spent $10M on This Service

For a price of over $10 million, Salesforce announced last week that it acquired Clipboard, the cross-platform bookmarking service.

"We are extremely happy to announce that has signed an agreement to acquire Clipboard, allowing us to pursue our mission of saving and sharing the Web on a much larger scale. But at the same time we're also sad to see this stage of our adventure com to an end, especially since it means that our relationship with you, our users, will irreversibly change".

Clipboard had accumulated 140,000 users since its launch in January, 2011. Clipboard basically lets users clip search queries, results, maps, images, and videos which can then be annotated and shared.

Consequently, Clipboard said its services will be discontinued starting on July 1st, 2013. I know closing is always sad news, but I'm super excited for my friends at Clipboard. I know they're off to new adventures. Congrats, guys!


AvePoint to Improve Microsoft Dynamics CRM 

The Jersey city based governance and infrastructure management company, AvePoint has released this week a line of products aimed to increase Microsoft Dynamics CRM's productivity and user adoption. 

The line of products include:


  • AvePoint Productivity Suite for Microsoft Dynamics CRM: designed to optimize the search experience. 
  • AvePoint CRM Migration manager fro Microsoft Dynamics CRM: deigned to help users set automated data migration from other CRM systems into Dynamics CRM

  • AvePoint Timeline for Microsoft Dynamics CRM: designed to help users log activities on the go. 


"AvePoint has been a strategic SharePoint partner for more than a decade, helping more than 10,000 organizations to optimize their SharePoint deployments. Now we've expanded that support to organizations that wish to utilize Dynamics CRM to better manage customer data, improve customer satisfaction, and optimize business productivity," said TJ Jiang, co-CEO of Avepoint. 

"AvePoint is committed to focusing on initiatives that will enable organizations to collaborate with confidence, and we're excited to help our customers gain even more value from their enterprise-wide technology investments."





Eloqua to Stay Friendly with Salesforce

After having been acquired by Oracle, Eloqua is said to have even tighter integrations with Oracle’s sales, service, and social apps. When Oracle acquired Elqoua back in December, customers were nervous and weary that Eloqua might not play nice with apps/platforms it currently integrates with.  However, on Monday, Oracle’s Applications Executive Steve Miranda and Eloqua CEO Joe Payne confirmed that preexisting integrations with third party apps/platforms, like Salesforce, will not be subsequently harmed.

“We’re also working with Microsoft Dynamics and even SAP, where we’ve built two integrations for new cloud applications in just the last three months,” Payne said. After this integration, customers will be able to use Eloqua with Oracle Social Suite and Oracle Social Marketing for launching campaigns on Facebook and other social media platforms.

“We aim to be the destination where marketers maintain all their buyer profile information and keep it up to date… If we can capture more information, we can help our customers know their prospects and customers better and build better-targeted marketing campaigns.”


Chipper about Chatter Enhancements

Salesforce Spring '13 releases

There's a slew of new stuff coming to Salesforce Spring '13 release, and one of my favorite updates in the Chatter department. Here's a few of the highlights I thought you'd like to know about:

Chatter Tasks – This is great and seems a little bit more in line with how other task management apps work with inline tasks.  This functionality will...

1. Auto post your tasks related to Accounts, Contacts, Opportunities, and more directly to the Chatter feed so you can have a better understanding of all communication and activity connected to that record 

2. Allow you to create a Task directly ( and quickly!) from a Chatter post.  Instead of filling out a complicated form, just type the gist and move along.  What awesome functionality!


Some Other Minor Chatter Enhancements – Easily search through Group posts, make posts to Public Groups even if you aren't a user and a smaller chatter messenger box has been made when minimized.


Salesforce: Leads Again

Salesforce has been identified as a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for CRM Customer Service Contact Centers.

To determine the "leader" Gartner looks at vendors that are responding to the needs and challenges of "any channel" customer engagement. 

So what does being in the "Magic Quadrant" actually mean? It means that Salesforce's vision and level of execution are very high. It is worth mentioning that Salesforce's competitors in the leader's quadrant include sizable IT powerhouses, such as Microsoft and Oracle. 

It is said that over 100,000 customers worldwide are relying on Salesforce CRM apps to transform their business:


  • Agent productivity by 41%
  • Customer satisfaction by 33%
  • First contact resolution by 37% 
  • Customer retention by 31%




Top Enhancements in Spring'13

Salesforce has packed the Spring '13 release with a bunch of new features.

Chatter is taking the lion's share of those enhancements; it's been very clear that Salesforce is investing heavily in Chatter, which is great! If you haven't been using Chatter in your organization, now is the time to start! If used effectively, Chatter can offer your organization huge productivity and efficiency: harnessing consumer-driven workflows into the enterprise. 


  • Create and Manage Tasks From Chatter: Tasks will now automatically appear in the Chatter feed.That's right, there's no need to programmatically "roll-up" the tasks to the parent record's Chatter feed.  Also, tasks can be created directly from a record's Chatter feed. Both of these features can be toggled on and off under Chatter settings.
  • Chatter: Reply via Email to Likes and Comments: this is done the same way you can reply to a Chatter post.
  • Smaller Chatter Messenger & API Enhancements
  • Salesforce for Outlook: which Salesforce refers to as "Viewing Your Salesforce World in Microsoft Outlook" .This was initially released as Beta on the Winter '13 version. This highly anticipated version allows you to view Contacts/Leads in a side-panel when reading an email in Outlook. From the panel, you can add an email and see records' activities. 





Oracle Acquires Eloqua 

Oracle Corp has agreed to buy Eloqua, makers of cloud-based marketing automation software, for about $810 million as it seeks to expand its cloud presence. This attempt by Oracle to stifle competition with Salesforce has sparked a series of acquisitions by companies like IBM Inc's acquisition of Kenexa and SAP AG's purchase of SuccessFactors. Also, Oracle, which came late to cloud computing, purchased RightNow Technologies for $1.5 billion last year. 

"The acquisition of Eloqua will add a leading market automation solution to Oracle's strong Salesforce automation products and the recently acquired RightNow call center automation solution,.." said Nomura Equity Research analysts."...We would expect Oracle to continue to make acquisitions in this space, to bolster its Fusion Applications suite and respond to competitive pressure in the applications market from SAP and" Nomura said.

It's important to note that Oracle's CEO Larry Ellison mocked cloud computing in 2008 as "complete gibberish".  Knowing Mr. Ellison though, I think he was mocking what marketeers were deeming cloud computing. He is a pretty smart guy in my opinion...


Salesforce Hires Kundra to Expand Overseas

On Monday, Salesforce announced that the recently hired Vivek Kundra is going to be its executive vice president of emerging markets. The goal is to work with international businesses, organizations, and mainly foreign governemnts to move their computer infrastructure spending towards cloud computing. 

"The developed nations are all facing challenges in terms of their financial health... They can look at their operating expenses and see Salesforce as a disruptor" Kundra said. He also added that Salesforce will be seen as a provider of "new services". The overall strategy for this will be developed over the next few months, he said. 

Kundra has an extensive expierience working with governemnts at differnt levels. "When I was in the public sector, $26 billion of [computer infrastructure spending of] $80 billion was in proejcts years behind schedule or not working... The cloud can save money. I've seen it first hand, whether in D.C. or in teh federal government."

Currently, 68% of Salesforce's revenue comes from North America. Another 18% from Europe, and the remaining from Asia-Pacific, Africa and the Middle East reagions


Oracle Buys Instantis 


Oracle's streak of acquisitions continues with Instantis, which provides on-premise project management solutions. With combining its Primavera and Fusion Applications with Instantis' Enterprise Track, Oracle will be able to provide a set of holistic cloud-based and on-premise enterprise project management solutions.

The announcement came last Thursday, Oracle's senior vice president and general manager said: " Organizations realize the need for a more simplified approach to address project portfolio management initiatives-- and yet most solutions are too complicated and expensive to deploy.....By adding Instantis, Oracle can help customers gain complete visibility and control of their mission-critical project initiatives using a top-down approach suited for projects throughout the entire organization." 

PPM applications help organizations manage track and report on their overall operations and strategies-- according to Oracle, other corporate initiatives will be able to be processed: from capital construction and maintenance to manufacturing, IT, new-product development, Lean Six Sigma.