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Bring on the Java Developers!

We all know that Salesforce is growing; enough to have attracted more than 100,000 customers! But the news is: Salesforce is reaching out to coders (Java in particular) in the aim of becoming a host of apps outside the CRM. The executive leading this major shift is Byron Sebastian, who came to Salesforce after the acquisition of Heroku in 2010. This decision came after the staggering rise of subscriptions to 40% to its hosted apps, reported in its latest fiscal year.

This is not the first time Salesforce delved into enterprise Java, a few years ago, Salesfroce teamed up with VMware with VmForce. Another evidence of Salesforce attempting to buy into developers, is its upcoming Cloudforce conference that’s going to be held in London. In that conference, Salesforce will host sessions to help train developers to build Salesfroce’s Chatter apps and other mobile apps. “ I’m really on a mission to have a strong voice for developers on the Salesforce platform,” said Sebastian in a recent interview.

 With the success of Heroku (Ruby in the cloud), it's clear that wants to be in the mix with Amazon EC2 and Google. They are getting close to having the full-stack available for us and it's an exciting time to be a developer!

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