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AvePoint to Improve Microsoft Dynamics CRM 

The Jersey city based governance and infrastructure management company, AvePoint has released this week a line of products aimed to increase Microsoft Dynamics CRM's productivity and user adoption. 

The line of products include:


  • AvePoint Productivity Suite for Microsoft Dynamics CRM: designed to optimize the search experience. 
  • AvePoint CRM Migration manager fro Microsoft Dynamics CRM: deigned to help users set automated data migration from other CRM systems into Dynamics CRM

  • AvePoint Timeline for Microsoft Dynamics CRM: designed to help users log activities on the go. 


"AvePoint has been a strategic SharePoint partner for more than a decade, helping more than 10,000 organizations to optimize their SharePoint deployments. Now we've expanded that support to organizations that wish to utilize Dynamics CRM to better manage customer data, improve customer satisfaction, and optimize business productivity," said TJ Jiang, co-CEO of Avepoint. 

"AvePoint is committed to focusing on initiatives that will enable organizations to collaborate with confidence, and we're excited to help our customers gain even more value from their enterprise-wide technology investments."




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