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Administer Your Force Database with Cloudingo Studio


I recently came across Cloudingo Studio; a cool, free app provided by Symphonic Source. Cloudingo Studio is a simple database administration tool which enables the user to connect, design, and browse a database, run SQL scripts, as well as search custom objects and fields


Developers know that database systems are complex and time consuming to design. Also, the initial training requires a great deal of time and energy. A particularly groundbreaking feature of Cloudingo Studio, which I know will prove helpful for many developers out there, is that it has the ability to translate/convert SQL commands into Force's SOQL.

Here's how the translation engine works: it takes the SQL commands entered in Cloudingo Studio and converts them into API calls (which works with simple updates of records as well as clearing out a large number of them). Here's an example of using the UPDATE statement to change the Name field in an account record:

UPDATE Account SET Name = 'Updated Names' WHERE Id = '001G000000000r5la';
Here's the link to download Cloudingo Studio (for Windows):

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