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Add Word Document Link to Sidebar


Allow all  Salesforce Users to Access a specific word doc by following these steps: 

Be it a document you need included whenever an opportunity is created in Salesforce or a spreadsheet for all of your sales users, Salesforce allows you to upload a document and share it with all of your users. Here’s how to do it: you need to upload the document and create a Custom Link and assign it to the document for all users to reach.

Under the Documents Tab, click “New” to upload a new document. Fill out the information then click “Save”.



Right-click on the “View File” link and Select “Copy Link Address”:

Then, go to:“Setup | App Setup| Customize | Home | Custom Links”.

Enter the preferred Label for the Link. Name it and pick the desired behavior. Leave “URL” as the Content Source. Then, paste the Link Address to the Document into the formula box and click “Save”.


And now, every time users are in any opportunity, there is a link directing them to “Download Opportunity Guidelines”







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