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A Refresher Course

So, there's a new employee in the office who needs some quick tutorials on Developer Force. In providing some direction on available resources, I was reminded it is a good thing to go back to the basics occasionally and get refreshed on the foundation of working on as well as checking out what tutorials are available when you need. We all find ourselves in that category at some point and I hadn't looked at what's available in a while. I went straight to the Technical Library and searched through the workbooks, found it pretty impressive, and thought I would share the list of subject matter covered.

There are 10 tutorials alone in the core workbook, which can be viewed online or downloaded as a PDF:

  • Tutorial #1: Creating a Warehouse Application
  • Tutorial #2: Adding Relationships
  • Tutorial #3: Using Formulas and Validation Rules
  • Tutorial #4: Using Workflow and Approvals
  • Tutorial #5: Adding Business Logic with Apex
  • Tutorial #6: Adding Tests to Your Application
  • Tutorial #7: Building a Custom User Interface Using Visualforce
  • Tutorial #8: Creating a Public Webpage Using Sites
  • Tutorial #9: Creating a Store Front
  • Tutorial #10: Creating a Desktop App with Adobe Flash Builder for


There's a Visualforce workbook that offers a tour of its many features and a gentle introduction to using those features for building user interfaces to be hosted natively on the platform. This workbook is also available online as well as in the form of a PDF download.


With the talk of chatter hitting the Superbowl Ad airwaves, you better brush up! There's a Chatter Workbook that has 4 tutorials, introducing you to the major components of Salesforce Chatter and how to begin developing applications using Chatter features.

  • Tutorial #1: Orientation and Setup
  • Tutorial #2: Building on the Platform
  • Tutorial #3: Accessing Chatter From a Java Client
  • Tutorial #4: Accessing Chatter From a .NET Client


And with Salesforce, there's always a bonus! A more advanced topic, for sure, but it may be of interest:

  • Bonus Tutorial #1: Add Authentication to the Public Store Front


One other bonus is that the core workbook is now available in French, Korean, and German with more languages on the horizon.

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