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A New Version of DupeCatcher

I mentioned a must-have app from the AppExchange a couple of months back, DupeCatcher, so wanted you to know that a new version of this deduplication tool is available as of yesterday on their AppExchange listing. The update adds merge and convert features that your Salesforce users and Salesforce Administrators are going to find valuable. And yes, it is still free!

The merge feature allows users to quickly display multiple like records, select key information via radio buttons and combine duplicates into one single, updated Salesforce record.

The functionality of the new convert features allows for matching incoming leads  to existing contacts or accounts and converting the new lead to the correct record type.

I don't know anyone using Salesforce that isn't constantly working on maintaining data quality standards so that makes this impressive tool worth looking at.  It is on the Salesforce AppExchange Top Ten Free Apps list for good reason.

It's easy to find out more about this tool. You can read yesterday's press release here. There's a new YouTube channel with a demo and some how-to info on the new features, and of course, there's the AppExchange listing, where they have updated their UserManual to include merge and convert information. All that for free. Impressive.

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