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5 Steps to a Successful Salesforce Campaign

Executing an effective Salesforce Campaign is critical to many organizations. However, one issue that many companies struggle with is managing the campaign. Companies will spend a lot of time and money executing the marketing campaign but fail to produce methods of tracking and reporting the campaign results to see whether its performance was effective. Below are five steps that will help you execute a successful Salesforce Campaign:


  1. Plan, Design, and Create The Campaign: This will require most of your time. Sit down with all stakeholders involved in your organization and decide on the campaign goals and what the best outcome of the campaign should be.
  2. Determine the Target of The Campaign: What criteria are you going to use? Are you targeting new or existing customers?
  3. Execute and Validate the Campaign:  Make sure all needs in step1 are covered.
  4. Track the Campaign Response: the response of the campaign is measured against goals set by the stakeholders. 
  5. Analyze the Effectiveness of the Campaign : this is critical; now that you've properly executed the campaign, it is time to measure the success of its outcome. This includes analysis of ROI, revenue, and influenced opportunities. 



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