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I'm a Salesforce enthusiast/Salesforce admin and certified Salesforce developer. The goal of this site is to bring new users and Salesforce administrators up to speed as quickly as possible. Many of us face the same issues and have the same questions when using and implementing Salesforce. As a community of users and developers, it is important for us to share our experiences. I try to reach out to other users and help the Salesforce community in general. My background is as a web developer (Java, Microsoft .Net). Much of this site will focus on Apex (triggers, SOQL, custom fields and objects) and Visualforce but I will also cover some of the more basic topics such as cloud computing, SaaS etc. In addition, I try to sprinkle in helpful things I've learned over the years to help other administrators with their ever growing list of daily tasks.

I am not affiliated with in any way. I am just a guy who uses, likes and wants to help other people who use Oh, I also love cloud-computing. That being said, all the thoughts and recommendations on this site do not represent the views of or its employees.

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